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DILG conducts SGLG assessment

May 2017

The assessment of the 2017 Seal of Good Local Governance (SGLG) for LGU’s kicked off. Pura, being one of the recipients in the 2016 SGLG was assessed earlier. The Regional Assessment Team (RAT) composed of the DILG and PCCI spared almost 3 hours on their site validation. They were all smiles as they have seen the evacuation centers, the flood warning device in Cadanglaan and rain gauge in Buenavista, the MRF in Matindeg and the SWM implementation in all schools, the Housing Project in Estipona and the complete social services in the DSWD and RHU, all functional.

Right after the site visit, the assessment continued with the validation of the documents. All the members of the executive and legislative departments were present in the SB Session Hall. The documents prepared by the SGLG-Technical Working Group have confirmed the LGU compliance in all the indicators. During the exit conference, each of the validators were given time to discuss their observation and it is really heart-warming to hear their flattering compliments. “For a fourth class municipality to have all these amenities, it requires a tough leadership and an array of strong and dedicated servants, no wonder Pura is an SGLG recipient” the RAT said.

Meanwhile, the LGU is waiting for the final result comes October 2017.

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