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The activities highlighted the Christmas Celebration to be a wonderful day to all sectors and offices of the LGU of Pura who gathered for the celebration.
The opening remarks of our Municipal Mayor Freddie D. Domingo inspired everybody to be in touch with their prepared presentations, making it more lively for everyone to enjoy. The presentation of the different activities was just on time for everyone to renew their camaraderie as we ended 2021. The songs, dances, and parlor games inspired everyone to enjoy the Christmas Party. More so that at the height of these affairs, there was the proclamation of all winners of the group presentation.
Moreover, the LGU of Pura steered an awarding of recognition for all the offices in the LGU as a way of commending their continued hard work in providing public services to its constituents.
Christmas spirit lives in us despite pandemic. But, let us maintain a good relationship on participation and cooperation with all the incoming activities in our Municipality.
Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

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