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Grade school students ages 10-14 from different schools in Pura gathered together for the Selection of Child Representatives and Advocacy Seminar last November 7, 2022, at the COC Multi-Purpose Arena. This gathering intends to educate the children about their rights and the selection of the members of a parliament who will represent the body in the local council.
Mayor Freddie D. Domingo warmly welcomed the children during the flag-raising ceremony and delivered his State of the Local Children’s Address. He stated the importance of children in the community and how vital their role is in achieving the vision of the Municipality that would love, respect, and help them reach their full potential.
On the other hand, Vice Mayor John Paul M. Balmores emphasized that their administration will continue to promote the protection of children and their rights.
After that, the LGU conducted an advocacy seminar regarding the Safe Spaces Act, Teenage Pregnancy, and Mental Health.
Moreover, Ms. Aeyesha Pagatpatan from Estipona National High School and Ms. Ezra Jane Lanoria from Pura Community School were elected child representatives.
Congratulations everyone!

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