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Public Secondary Schools




    Through the initiative of the late Antonio Capinpin who was then the District Supervisor of the District of Pura, Buenavista High School was conceived. Through the efforts, supports and coordination of the following people: Roman Gonzales, Principal; Jose Pagatpatan, PTA President; Rustico Pili; Brgy. Captain; Atty. Francisco Valdez, Former Asst. Sec. of Education; and Pioquinto Cortez Jr., Mayor, Buenavista High School was established with an initial enrolment of 8 students.

    The trend of enrollment every school year, since S.Y. ‘1972-1973 up to S.Y. 1994-1995 was growing. However, with the creation of Galvan High School at Galvan Nueva Ecija, around 5 kilometers away from Buenavista High School, Started the decline of enrolment from 1995 to 1998 because a huge number of students were resident of neighboring barangays nearer to Galvan High School. The downward trend of enrolment from 639 to 306 within four school years did not last long. From 306 in S.Y 199-2000 it registered up to 545 more or less in S.Y 2004-2005. Again with the creation of Estipona High School Annex the present enrolment stands at an average of 420 to 440 every school year.

    Meanwhile, from the initial number of 3 faculty members in S.Y 1972-1973, it increased up to 22 in S.Y 1997-1998. The decline of enrolment also caused the deployment of teachers to other public secondary schools, leaving only 15 mentors as of the present.

    From 1972-1983, the school was managed by a school Principal of Buenavista Elementary School. In S.Y 1984-1985, the stewardship of an Elementary School Principal was taken by Mrs. Carmen P. Mendoza. From 1998-2001 Mrs. Florida Santos took over as Principal; followed by Mrs. Aida M. Beltan in 2001-2005; and Mr. Armando G. Salviejo from S.Y 2005 to 2009 and Mr. Noel D. Palgue to date.

    Our main Barangay Feeders includes the following barangays: Buenavista, and Nilasin 2nd of Pura, Lamorito and Macamias of Nueva Ecija and Bantog of Victoria Tarlac.

    TYPE OF SCHOOL: Comprehensive National High School


    • K to 12 (Grade 7)
    • SEC (Second Year and 3rd Year)
    • BEC (4th Year)


    • 15 Teachers (Plantilla Item)
    • 1 Head Teacher (Plantilla Item) deployed to other school
    • 1 Principal (Plantilla Item) deployed to other school


    Head Teacher III: Evelyn D. Gallarde

    • Teacher III, MAPEH Leader: Victorio F. Benitez (BS Science / History)
    • Teacher III, SGO Adviser, AP Leader: Gavina P. Capinpin (AB History)
    • Teacher III, English Leader: Gloria F. Baldovino (AB English)
    • Teacher III, Property Custodian: Benedicto C. Bustos Jr. (BSIE)
    • Teacher III / Faculty President: Violeta E. Salvador
    • Teacher III / School Treasurer: Corazon V. Pascua (BSHT)
    • Teacher III / Mathematics Leader: Marcelina J. Melegrito (BS Agriculture / Economics)
    • Teacher III, STC Adviser, SPAFilipino: Annalyn P. Capinpin (BSHT Home Technology / Filipino)
    • Teacher III / Canteen in-charge /  TLE: Susan Y. Danzalan (Leader)
    • Teacher I / Value Education Leader: Helen M. Cariazo (BS Agriculture / Science)
    • Teacher II, Science Leader: Adeline G. Valdez (BSE Physics / Mathematics)
    • Teacher II, SPA- English: Amelia C. Carlos (BSE)
    • Teacher I, Filipino: George T. Layugan (BSE)
    • Teacher I / Clinic in-charge: Dhelaila G. Collado (BSE)
    • Teacher I / ICT Coordinator: May Vien L. Aganon (BSED)
    • Teacher I, AP: Tisoy G. Dupilas (BSED / Social Studies)



    We dream of Filipinos who passionately love their country and whose values and competencies enable them to realize their full potential and contribute meaningfully to building the nation.


    To protect and promote the right of every Filipino to quality, equitable, culture based, and complete basic education where:

    • Students learn in a child friendly, gender-sensitive, safe and motivating environment.
    • Teachers facilitate learning and constantly nurture every learner
    • Administrators and staff as stewards of the institution, ensure a
    • enabling and supportive environment for effective learning to happen.

    Family, community and other stakeholders are actively engaged and share responsibility


    It was in the year 1968, the Pura Municipal Mayor Nestor S. Gamit, together with the barangay officials hammered out details in the establishment of a barangay highschool. It was on July 15, 1968 when it was formally opened to serve the public.

    Mr. Pedro Ladines assumed the role as the first school administrator until 1969, initially, first and second year levels were opened with thirty -nine and forty four enrollees, respectively.The assigned teachers were former Ms. Emily Melegrito and Ms. Pura V. Cortes. Afterwards, Ms. Lucena C. Punzalan took over the position from Ladines until 1983. It was within her term of office when arrangements were made to recognize Victoria High School as the mother institution.

    The following year 1969, the third year level was offered, then in 1971, the fourth year. Gradual developments in the enrolment graphs were quite noticeable. From 1971 to 1979, there had been one section for each year level. From 1984 to 1990, another section was added to make it two. In the succeeding year, more sections were added to each level. Consequently, the schools had a taste of glory when it held its first commencement exercises in 1971. Due to its increasing population, the school had to hire part-time teachers from the elementary to meet the educational demands. Among them were Mr. Quirino Calura, Mr. Alfredo Delmendo, Mr. Reynaldo Bal-ot, Mr. Balmonte, Mr.and Mrs. Severino Tagata.

    Then came a DECS memorandum stating that when there are seven teachers in a school, a position for head teacher will be created. Such order was enforced prompting Ms. Pura V. Cortes being the pioneer, as the head teacher in 1983. In 1991, seven extension position were created and filled up for the growing demands of the school.

    Unfortunately, the killer quake in July 16, 1990 wrecked the two-storey Cojuanco Type Building prompting the teacher staff to hold classes inside the catholic church and makeshift “bahay-silungan” constructed for the earthquake ravaged victims for the remaining months of that school year.

    Since the nationalization of the Barangay High School was signed into law virtue of Executive Order no. 189 by former Pres. Corazon C. Aquino in 1989, there was a need for the school to have a lot of its own to qualify as the recipient of the SEDP Type Schoo l Building Package.

    The acquisition of its current location was made possible through the collaborative efforts of the GPTCA Officials and then Municipal Mayor Pioquinto B. Cortez Jr. The lot was purchased from Ms. Anselma Bugarin, a retired public teacher. It is in this site where the reconstruction of the severely damaged school building took place from the emergency fund allocated by congress for earthquake striken areas. The L-shaped Rehabilitation Buildings now stand strategically side by side along with the SEDP C- Type Building.

    In addition, this 10,000 sq -m school campus is situated at the northern part of Barangay Estipona. It is accessible to any form of vehicles along the Municipal road going to the town proper. The school is located 3 lms from the Pura town proper.


    Principal: CIELO G. CULLISON

    • T.L.E. Overall Chairman - FERDINAND C. MELEGRITO
    • Head Teacher 1- Science Grade 7 Chairman - VERONICA M. BADAR
    • Head Teacher 1- Math Grade 8 - LUDY P. MAGAOAY
    • Head Teacher 1- AP Grade 9 - CARMELA C. PINILI
    • Head Teacher 1- English Grade 10 Chairman - HERBERT P. ARELLANO
    • Master Teacher 1 Year Level Chairman - PEARLIE N. OBIENA
    • Teacher 1 Year Level Chairman - HAIDI A. NUGUID
    • Teacher 11 Year Level Chairman - VIRGINIA M. MELEGRITO
    • Teacher 111 Year Level Chairman - LOIDA L. DACANAY
    • Teacher 11 - HELEN I. CAMACHO
    • Teacher 111 - ELMORE F. GALUTAN
    • Teacher 11 - THELMA L. ISLA
    • Master Teacher 1 - JOSEPHINE H. RAMILO
    • Teacher 111 - SUSAN N. BALLAO
    • Teacher 1 - MARCELA R. DIAMSAY
    • Teacher 1 - DOMINADOR B. BALMORES JR.
    • Teacher 111 - MA. CORAZON R. DAILEG
    • Teacher 1 - ROLANDO C. MILLENA
    • Teacher 1 - CYNTHIA I. GAMOLO
    • Teacher 1 - ARNEL G. BUENO
    • Teacher 111 - FRANCISCA C. MILLO
    • Teacher 1 - ANDREA B. MILLO
    • Teacher 1 - NYMPHA M. FERNANDO
    • Teacher 1 - MARICEL N. GARLITOS
    • Teacher 1 - ROZZEL B. NABORA
    • Teacher 1 - MILDRED D. MILLO
    • Teacher 1 - REN REN V. GACUTAN
    • Teacher 1 - AGNES F. BALMORES
    • Teacher 1 - MARY ANNE R. URPILLA
    • Teacher 1 - LOURDES G. BUENO
    • Teacher 1 - LORYLEE JOY B. PRADO
    • Teacher 1 - JOEY D. CAPINPIN
    • Leo S. Tacmo
    • Annabell M. Carpio
    • John Christian M. Manuba
    • Richard V. Pascua


    Disbursing Officer: ARNOLD P. MILLO

    Bookkeeper: Elnora F. Velasco

    Guidance Councilor: JOSIE V. TALAVERA







    We dream of Filipinos who passionately love their country and whose values and competencies enable them to realize their full potential and contribute meaningfully to building the nation.


    To protect and promote the right of every Filipino to quality, equitable, culture based, and complete basic education where:

    • Students learn in a child-friendly, gender sensitive, safe and motivating environment.
    • Teachers facilitate learning and constantly nurture every learner.
    • Administrators and staff as stewards of the institution, ensure and
    • enabling and supportive environment for effective learning to happen.

    Family, community, and other stakeholders are actively engaged and share responsibility for developing life–long learners.


    The Pura Central High School situated at the Pura Central School was opened on June 6, 2005 with eighty six (86) first year students in one section. As there were no teachers yet who will permanently handle the class. Some teachers from the Estipona High School main and from the Pura Central School were temporarily assigned to teach the different subjects.

    Classes were conducted at the Pura PSTA hall which was provided chairs enough for the said number of students while the three-room building was being


    It was on July 12, 2005 when Mrs. Joselinda P. De Pano was temporarily deployed to EHS Annex from B.S. Aquino NHS while waiting for the approval of her transfer to Estipona High School. There was a rearrangement of the existing class program as the said teacher had to handle most of the subjects except for Science and Mathematics which were assigned to Mr. Marcelo Esteban, the head teacher of EHS.

    The parents of one of the 86 students, Mary Rose Dela Cruz, came in the afternoon of July 12 to pull out their child and transfer her to Pura Academy.

    The Student Government Organization (SGO) was organized with the election of officers from the president down to the councilors.

    A series of reading lessons in English and Filipino was conducted to find out whether the students are slow or fast readers, it was found out that almost half of the class are slow to non-readers. So there was a need and eventually a plan to divide the class into two.

    On July 21, 2005, Mrs. Gloria C. Gragasin from Vargas High School was assigned to EHSA so another rearrangement of schedule was made. Except for Mathematics, the remaining subjects were divided between the two teachers.

    On August 8, 2005, the division of the class into two was materialized. Section A with 45 students was assigned to Mrs. De Pano who occupied one of the three rooms of the reconstructed building. Mrs. Gragasin became the adviser of Section B with 40 students who remained in the PPSTA Hall and eventually had to transfer to the new building although half-finished.

    The PTA meeting presided over by the two teachers was conducted on August 12, 2005. An urgent meeting with the PTA officers was called for on August 26. Considering the situation, one of the parents volunteered to finish the job of putting the window-jalousies of the second room free of charge as the materials were already available.

    The officers of the PTA and the SGO were inducted into office by the PSDS of Pura District, Miss Prescila I. Obligado, during the celebration of the Buwan ng Wika on August 31.

    Thru the efforts of Miss Prescila I. Obligado, the dream of the people of Pura to have a public high school within the town proper became a reality.

    Currently undertaken during Friday morning are remedial and reading lessons. Area/lawn development is also continuous.

    To date, the initial project of the PTA of putting up a three-cubicle comfort room for the students is on-going.


    Head Teacher: Joselinda Pabustan De Pano, Ed. D

    1. Estipona HS Annex Plantilla
      • Romano D. Dante
      • Gloria C. Gragasin
      • May L. Pagatpatan
      • Leila I. Mateo
      • Sherley S. Millo
    2. Estipona HS Main Plantilla
      • Annie Char M. Budomo
      • Annabell M. Carpio
      • Norma M. Ladia
      • John Christian C. Manuba
      • Leo S. Tacmo
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